Hello and welcome to our blog

Well here I am writing a blog! Let me introduce myself. I’m Chris, dad of 3 boys and husband to one very patient and special lady called Tracy. Two of our boys are grown up and have flown the nest, which leaves Freddie. We are a family from Hull (City of Culture, in east Yorkshire but we now live in Cornwall (aren’t we lucky!). This blog will follow Freddie, Tracy and me as we try to channel our inner Tom and Barbara from the old sitcom, The Good Life.

There is a little bit of a twist to all of this. You see Tracy and Freddie are both visually impaired and Freddie and I are on the Autistic spectrum. So, as well as all the veg that I want to grow, our allotment will have lots of bright colourful flowers and lots of fragrant plants too.

Hopefully we can have a bit of fun along the way as we share our experiences with you. So, as we would say back home in ‘Ull, tara for now! (That’s goodbye!)

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