The best laid plans

Hmm. Like the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men.

Today the plan was to start attacking the plot with my trusty brush cutter. I loaded the car with everything I needed – even said brush cutter (anyone who knows me will know that that was pretty remarkable!)!!

I arrived at Allotmental HQ ready, knowing I was going to have to change the cutter head from strimmer to brush cutter. I was prepared, the wellies were on, the metaphorical sleeves were rolled up. I got the tools out and started, but then…

Houston, we have a problem!! Would you believe it? The wally who used it last had not put it together properly, so I could not take it apart! Which wally had put it together? Ah, yes, that would be me then! Mahoosive Homer Simpson moment!!

Needless to say the car was quickly loaded back up and I headed home. Now going to have to purchase a new gear housing.

The moral of the story today dear reader is:

Always read the instructions!!!

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