Books, pens and a plan 

So, today I have mostly been putting ideas down on paper. It took a while, wading through my small collection of books, but I think I’ve made a good start. It’s been interesting to read differing books on the subject. I did find it a tad frustrating at times though, mainly on account of how my brain is wired up. I find the sort of creativity where you make things up really quite difficult. Give me a recipe, model kit instructions or tell me what to do and I’m fine. But make it up from scratch? Not quite panic stations, but it’s a struggle. What I found frustrating was the books couldn’t tell me what size to make beds etc! Can you believe it? Well of course you can. Of course no one can say what size this or that should be. They don’t know the space you’ve got to play with. And when I sit back and think about it, of course I know that too. It just takes me a bit longer to get my head around it and get something on paper. 

I think I’ve done pretty good though, we will see soon when the hard work begins at Allotmental HQ!! 

For my visually impaired friends, the picture below shows my hand drawn plan surrounded by allotment books. The plan itself has a shed, seating area and Freddie’s Field at one end with various beds plotted out down the allotment plot.

See you soon!  

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