Boys and their toys

This week the new part for my trusty brushcutter arrived at Allotmental HQ!  Yay! And that meant I was able to get to work cutting through the jungle, disturbing a couple of tribes of Cornish pixies along the way! But seriously, the weed growth was chest height in places. 

It was almost balletic, brushcutter and operator (me!) working in perfect harmony. A few hours of hard graft later and the worst was cleared, see the picture below. I found various bits and pieces hiding under the plants, and more than a few self seeded fruit bushes too. I did just clear through most of it and will start again from scratch, although I did save the one currant bush and a raspberry bush that looked quite strong and are fruiting. 

So all in all a very productive weekend at Allotmental HQ. See you soon for another installment, tara for now! 

One thought on “Boys and their toys

  1. Looking better. Maybe you’ll offend the little people if you call them pixies though 👹. Try Piskies and they’ll feel happier 🤗 Xxxx

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