All’s well

So, after taking a week off from the allotment and from the blog, we’re back!  I was quite surprised to see not much had changed since I strimmed it. I was expecting a jungle again, but all was well.  So, what did we do? Well, Freddie and I put my long tape measure to good […]

Boys and their toys

This week the new part for my trusty brushcutter arrived at Allotmental HQ!  Yay! And that meant I was able to get to work cutting through the jungle, disturbing a couple of tribes of Cornish pixies along the way! But seriously, the weed growth was chest height in places.  It was almost balletic, brushcutter and […]

Books, pens and a planĀ 

So, today I have mostly been putting ideas down on paper. It took a while, wading through my small collection of books, but I think I’ve made a good start. It’s been interesting to read differing books on the subject. I did find it a tad frustrating at times though, mainly on account of how […]

The best laid plans

Hmm. Like the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men. Today the plan was to start attacking the plot with my trusty brush cutter. I loaded the car with everything I needed – even said brush cutter (anyone who knows me will know that that was pretty remarkable!)!! I arrived at Allotmental […]